What drinks go well with what pizza Murphy, TX

May 9, 2018

What drinks go well with what pizza Murphy, TX

Drinks that go well with pizza Murphy, TX

Rarely do we actually think about what drinks go well with pizza. Pizza itself makes us happy enough to where we usually just go with our default drink option. But, what if I told you certain drinks could be matched up with certain pizzas to strengthen and compliment the flavor? Consider these combos…

Traditional Pepperoni + Red Wine

pizza Murphy, TXPepperoni pizza Murphy, TX offers a strong taste, as does red wine. The acidity of wine will further bring out the flavor provided by a tasty pepperoni pizza. Pizza and wine are filling; however, wine is most often sipped rather than quickly consumed.

Four Cheese Pizza + IPA

There are few classic combinations that match that of beer and pizza. Beer and pizza is a great combo, but it’s a little generic. Specifically, try an IPA to go with your next Four Cheese pizza, or even a regular cheese pizza. Four Cheese pizzas have a sweeter taste than that of pepperoni. Thus, a smooth, bitter beer will compliment the flavor of the cheese mixes. Fruity beers like Blue Moon also work well.

BBQ Pizza + Dark Beer

A strong, sturdy beer works best with a flavorful pizza such as BBQ or BBQ chicken. Dark beer has a natural dark roast quality that maximizes the sweetness of BBQ sauce. However, dark beer is more filling than most beers; therefore, consume it gradually. You don’t want to fill up on beer before you fill up on pizza! Try a Guinness or Sam Adams next time you eye a BBQ pizza.

Cocktail + Mediterranean Pizza

A nice fruity cocktail mixed with a Mediterranean pizza will have you feeling like your somewhere oceanside. The collection of tropical, succulent flavors will make for a satisfying meal. Hawaiian pizza and Margarita pizza will match perfectly with a cocktail, too.

Sweet tea +???

Personally, I’m not a sweet tea person. With that being said, there seem to be a lot of people out there advocating the combination of sweet tea and pizza. If you like sweet tea but haven’t tried it with pizza, give it a try! I hear it’s good!

Soda + Any Pizza

There’s something about soda and pizza that resonates with everyone. The duo creates a certain nostalgia. Perhaps it goes back to the childhood days, when parents would forgo a vegetable-type meal and allow their kids to enjoy a fun pizza with their favorite soda. Some people replace soda with beer once reaching adulthood, though, most people hang on to the soda + pizza combo throughout their lives. Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Mountain Dew…all still alive and well, and offered by practically any pizza joint you visit.

You’re all set with plenty of beverage/pizza combinations the next time you eat pizza. Visit or order from Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza Murphy, TX next time you are craving pizza. We have tons of pizza styles ready for you. We also serve pasta, salad and desserts. Oh, and we have plenty of drink options. Contact Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza today! Also, please visit our blog for additional tasty information.

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