How much should you tip the pizza delivery person?

Mar 14, 2018

Texas Best Pizza Delivery Restaurant | Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza

Texas Best Pizza Delivery Restaurant | Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza

How much should you tip the pizza delivery person?

One of those little annoyances that many people deal with is determining gratuities. It’s an awkward situation when you really break it down. The customer is asked to subjectively rate the service by pinning it to a certain dollar amount. Some of us think nothing of a tip, just sticking to a standardized 18% no matter how the experience went. However, some of us are very bothered by the tipping process, often overthinking it. It’s one thing to figure this out at a restaurant, but tipping a delivery person is a whole other obstacle to figure out. More often than not, this applies to the pizza delivery person.

Tipping Fundamentals

Use common sense

When someone completes a service for you, they deserve something in return. Restaurant services, delivery services, catering services…they are not acts of charity. Hence, tipping someone for a service has become a national custom. Just like you tip a bartender at least a dollar for simply placing a glass under a beer tap, you should always tip someone for delivering a pizza to you. The reason being, that’s what you’re supposed to do! Don’t be the person who refuses to tip a delivery guy.

Rate the service

Don’t ignore a tip, but don’t overthink a tip. A simple way to determine a tip is by declaring the service as good or bad. If you allot a certain tip percentage for good service and a certain percentage for bad service, then the tipping obstacle is simplified. If the pizza is delivered hot and timely, the “good service” tip is likely warranted.

On the other hand, if it took the delivery person half an hour to deliver a pizza from a place down the road, then the “bad service” tip is justified. If the order is screwed up or the pizza takes an absurd amount of time to arrive, then you can scratch the tip. After all, the sole purpose to a delivery person’s job is to deliver a pizza quickly and correctly.

Additional factors to consider


Appreciate the fact that pizza delivery is probably not the deliverer’s preferred activity when roads are snowy or icy, or when it’s an absolute downpour outside. An additional $1 to the tip would suffice to accommodate the delivery person’s tough travels.

Delivery Volume

Nothing screams pizza delivery more than a party stemming from a major sporting event, such as the Super Bowl. It’s important to realize the extreme demand for pizza throughout these televised events. The delivery person will be hurried all day long. Be aware of this and maybe add a little to the tip to improve the delivery person’s day.

Delivery Distance

If the pizza is being delivered from over 5 miles away, it’s generous to add to the tip. You are not the only person who is on the delivery person’s radar; therefore, it’s thoughtful to pay him/her for the additional driving time.

So, how much should you tip a Pizza Delivery person?

A tip of at least $3 is good for orders of $20 or less. Depending on what you order, that amount should equate to a 15% to 18% tip. You don’t need to adjust the tip too much for orders that exceed $20. A 15-20% tip will satisfy each party. 20% for extraordinary service and 15% for ordinary service. Of course, don’t forget about the additional factors that we just covered.

We at Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza hope this helps simplify the tipping process for a pizza delivery person. Refer to these guidelines next time you have a pizza delivered. Please contact or visit Mogio’s the next time you are craving pizza. If you choose the delivery route, we promise our delivery folks will provide 20%-tip-worthy service.

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