Pizza in Celina

Nov 1, 2017

Pizza in Celina

It is not exactly difficult to find a decent pizza place in the city of Celina, but it becomes more of a challenge if you are in search of the best pizza in Celina. While there are plenty of chain pizza places in the area that serve up less-than-authentic ingredients and have little appreciation for the art of making an absolutely great pizza, pizza lovers are often left craving the real thing. From chain restaurants to local pizza joints that use frozen pizzas and canned ingredients, awesome pizza is just not commonplace in Celina.

That’s where Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza comes in. Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza is an authentic pizzeria that prides itself on using nothing but the freshest ingredients combined with time tested traditional recipes. Each pizza is made from scratch from handmade dough and a special tomato sauce which is also made fresh daily. Your pizza is then topped with real mozzarella cheese and your choice of fresh veggies and premium meat toppings. When you walk into Mogio’s, you may mistakenly think you’re in a fancy steak house and not a pizza place. You would be correct because Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza is more than just your average pizza place – it’s an experience. The dining room is stunning yet comfortable and provides the ultimate atmosphere for enjoying the best pizza in Celina.

In addition to the best pizza in Celina, Mogio’s Gourmet pizza boasts a full menu including calzones, sandwiches, pasta, salads and desserts. The menu is very diverse and the competitive prices make it affordable no matter the budget. Mogio’s famous specialty pizzas include bestsellers like The Greek Way pizza that is topped with black olives, fresh spinach and garlic, Roma tomatoes and finished off with feta and mozzarella cheeses. The King Deluxe features four different meats combined with mushrooms, olives, red onion and both red and green peppers. Mogio’s Gourmet Pizzas are sure to have something that will satisfy any pizza craving. If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, the salads from Mogio’s are a great choice. One of Mogio’s signature salads – The Caribbean – features garden fresh vegetables, cashews, cranberries, pineapple and sun dried tomatoes all topped with a tasty walnut raspberry vinaigrette. With such an expansive menu, Mogio’s Gourmet pizza truly has something for everyone.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the best pizza in Celina, then it’s about time to make your way to Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza and try it for yourself.

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