Celebrate Spring with a Pizza Party!

Mar 29, 2018

Trying to do the Best Pizza Party? | Mogios Gourmet Pizza

the Best Pizza Party | Mogios Gourmet Pizza

Celebrate Spring with a Pizza Party!

Spring is a wonderful time of the year! For Texans, it may be the best time of the year. The sun is out longer, temperatures are ideal, and everyone just seems happier. Celebrate this happiness with a pizza party! People always think pizza parties have to coincide with an event. But, why? Why not have a pizza party just for the heck of it? Why not set aside one day to celebrate the beautiful three-month span that we call spring?

Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza is here to help make your pizza party happen! We will hand deliver any selected pizzas to your home or office pizza party and we’ll do it quickly so you can get the pizza party started on time. Gather your friends and family, your neighbors, your neighbors’ friends and family, or whoever! If they ask what the occasion is, tell them it’s because it’s nice outside (or something related to spring). You can also bring them to Mogio’s Pizza. We have locations in Murphy, Rockwall, Celina, and Wylie, TX. You can blend your hot, delicious pizza with our cozy, friendly environment.

Traditional Gourmet for Pizza Party!

Pizza parties generally consist of buying cheese and pepperoni pizzas in bulk. These two types of pizza are the safest bet to satisfy a large number of people. We offer a large cheese pizza for just $10.99 and an extra-large pizza for $12.99. You can add toppings for $1.50 on the large and for $2.00 on the extra-large. Give your guests the best by going the gourmet route. It’s a carefully made, unique pizza that will have your guests asking “Where’d you buy this pizza from?”

Specialty Gourmet

Speaking of gourmet, you won’t fully grasp the meaning of the word unless you try our specialty gourmet pizzas. Our specialty pizzas are ample, and you won’t find them at other pizza restaurants. In total, Mogio’s Pizza has 18 different specialty gourmet pizzas. Everything from our Italian Classic pizza to our Grecian Alfredo pizza, our wide selection will give you at least 18 reasons to come back.

It may be a risk ordering only specialty pizzas for a pizza party, so might we recommend a mix? Order a few pepperoni pizzas and toss in a few Mediterranean pizzas as a healthier option, or maybe a few All Meat Marvel pizzas. The All Meat Marvel would be great for a party, as it consists of everyone’s favorite pizza meats.

Non-pizza items

We know there will be members of the party who don’t like pizza, or at least prefer something else. Don’t worry, we have them covered too. Mogio’s has numerous pasta dishes that offer a wholesome meal. Additionally, we have 12 sandwich/sub-options, as well as an impressive selection of delightful salads.

Most pizza shops focus solely on pizza. Most do serve salads nowadays; however, they certainly don’t put the effort into their salads that Mogio’s Pizza does. Add some Caesar Salads or Caribbean Salads to your pizza party order, just to be safe.

Don’t wait until summer hits. Actually, it’s okay if you do, as we’re here to serve you 365 days a year! You can have a pizza party for summer, fall, and winter too. Or for each month of the year. Ultimately, there is never a bad time for pizza (or a nice salad).

Order up at Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza! Contact us today to get your order started. Feel free to look through our menu first. Our specialty is pizza, but we have a variety of salads, pasta, and desserts as well. We look forward to serving you!

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