6 Friendly Tips on How to Throw a Party

Jul 12, 2018

6 Friendly Tips on How to Throw a Pizza Party in Murphy

6 Friendly Tips for Pizza Party in Murphy | Mogio’s Pizza6 Friendly Tips for Pizza Party in Murphy | Mogio’s Pizza

6 Friendly Tips for Pizza Party in Murphy | Mogio’s Pizza

How to throw a pizza party in Murphy, TX

There’s never a bad time to throw a pizza party in Murphy! But you want to throw a good party, not a bad one. And yes, it is possible to throw a bad party. In case you’ve never hosted a party, or if you’re on the edge whether or not the party you did host was a successful one, here are some tips on how to throw a party:

Give plenty of notice

Rule #1 on how to throw a pizza party in Murphy: If you want people to show up then you need to give plenty of notice.

People are busy, and depending on your targeted age range, some individuals may already have the next few weeks scheduled out. Thus, try to send out invitations a few weeks ahead of the party date. And make the party sound enticing. You want those who are on edge about going to end up going. An action as minor as stating “free drinks and free pizza” might just do the trick. Set a date, time, and place in stone, and be sure you are avoiding common work hours in Murphy, TX.

Have lots of food and drinks

You should know that food and drinks are crucial to a pizza party in Murphy. Guests love to have something to munch on while conversing and potential outcasts look to food and drinks to loosen up.  However, it is important to serve the right food and drinks.

Depending on the time of the day in which you throw the party, you may need to provide a meal rather than just a collage of appetizers. When in doubt, go with pizza. Pizza prompts the littlest room for error because the vast majority of people attending will like it. It’s a food item that you can buy in the masses and at a reasonable price.

As for drinks…don’t get too fancy. You do not want the only option to be wine or sweet tea, as not everyone will take a liking to those beverage options. A few wine options are fine, but include other drinks like beer, soda, and water. Mainstream beer should make everyone happy, as should mainstream sodas. Plus, all of the above-mentioned drinks suit very well with pizza.


Have an entertainment plan

There should always be a source of entertainment which the party is centered around. Whether it be a board game, wine tasting, beer tasting, beer pong, yard games, or a televised sporting event…something needs to be going on besides conversation. Music helps, but you don’t want to risk your guests not being able to hear each other talk.

Ultimately, what is the goal behind a party? To have fun! People converse all day and in all types of atmospheres. You want your party to be better than ordinary. You want your guests to be fully entertained to the point where they are subconsciously taking notes on how to throw a party of their own.

Engage your guests

Your guests are the livelihood of the party. They dictate whether or not the party is a success. So, don’t leave any guests in the dark. If you see someone in the corner by themselves, go talk to that person! Even if they somehow wandered in without an invite, they deserve to have fun rather than participate in an awkward social event. Make every guest feel important as if the pizza party in Murphy wouldn’t be the same without them.

Avoid Drama

Try your best to avoid drama. Generally speaking, the higher the number of guests the more likely some sort of disagreement takes place. Surely you don’t live a dramatic life, but you should at least always prepare for a random dramatic moment. Even if one is unlikely to occur, all it takes is one to occur for the party to be ruined or thrown off-kilter. Keep it fun and friendly!

Thank you for coming!

It’s not always easy, but try to give each guest a farewell “thank you for coming”. Some parties might even call for a parting gift of some kind. Again, it’s about making your guests feel appreciated. The end goal is to make each guest want to come back for the next party that you throw.

Oh yes, and reverting back to that pizza idea, give Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza a call so you can fill your guests with delicious pizza! If all else fails, pizza can be the saving grace of the party. Give us a call at (972) 423-8100 or visit our website—www.mogiospizza.com—to get a head start by viewing our menu.

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